City 17 Blues
Okay, here’s the promised puppy pic! Momma was off teaching a lesson so the pups are chilling by the back porch. He’s so tiny as compared to to his big brother :)

Okay, here’s the promised puppy pic! Momma was off teaching a lesson so the pups are chilling by the back porch. He’s so tiny as compared to to his big brother :)

I am slowly but surely getting stuff packed up and it’s starting to look rather odd in here.

Also the lady who runs the barn has a new puppy! He’s another St. Bernard, so I’m going to suggest she buy a sled and start them in harness training :)

So it was too hot to put on breeches and boots and whatnot and so I just threw on my helmet and did some barebacking. I originally was just going to walk up and down the driveway a bit, since there was a horse loose in the ring, but the lady who owned her took her out to graze instead and I decided to walk in. The gate was just wide enough for us to get through, and Fi walked in, but unbeknownst to me he loose end of the reins got caught around a bar that sticks out of the gate.  When Fi hit the end of the reins it pulled her neck around and closed the gate on her flank, and when she couldn’t go forwards and felt the gate hit her side she started to go backwards in a hurry. I managed to swat the rein off the bar as we went by, and she turned and started up the hill to the barn in a bit of a hurry. But I talked her down, and she stopped, and I spent some time apologizing and reassuring her that it was my fault and not hers, since I should have been paying more attention.  I hopped off and led her back through the gate, and she went willingly, then I got on again and rode her in and out the gate a couple of times, and although she eyed it pretty good she went through without a hitch. I rode her around for a while and then when two horses in a nearby field started galloping around wildly she didn’t get upset, she just whinnied. And we even got a nice square halt at the end.

I had a minor epiphany; Fi came to me because she was the best thing possible for my loss of nerve. I didn’t need a permanently calm horse, I needed a horse that responded to situations in a non-lethal manner and who could be quickly talked down and reassured, and very smart so she could learn from those situations, so I could gain confidence in my skills again when situations arose.

There’s just something so terribly satisfying in converting your self-indulgent porn so it can be read on your kindle.

So we had a lovely trip to my grandparents’ place, and we got a bit of work done for them, and put some spare furniture in the old camp for storage. My grandmother gave us a check to cover getting a washer and dryer for the trailer, since it has hookups and no appliances, which was really nice. I’ve been doing 98% of our laundry at her place for the past thirteen years as the apartment doesn’t have the facilities for it, and I am incredibly excited to think that in a month of so I might be able to do my laundry where I live and not have to drive an hour. Depending on how good a deal we get as far as refurbished machines there might be enough left over to get a loveseat, which we could really use. The space isn’t really suited to a full-sized couch, but a loveseat would do us just fine. I’ll have to start haunting Overstock again.

We also located the patio furniture that belonged to my other grandparents, which is also in storage in the old camp, and we’ll pick that up at a later date. We’ll have a yard and be able to sit outside, that is so exciting!

So things are exciting on the house front now, which is cool, but I have a lot of leftover stress and stress is a weird thing that likes to keep existing, so it grabs onto any excuse it can when the original stressor is gone. This leaves me dissecting all my worries rationally until the stress has nowhere to cling to and has to fuck off entirely (at least until next time) but it’s kind of tiring.

If you could build a house (or have a house built) anywhere in the world, no matter how impractical, where would you build it?

Funny you should ask, but the Doc and I were just talking about this yesterday. My dream dwelling (somewhat literally, as I’ve dreamed about it a few times) would be a hollowed-out stone cliff or mountainside with big airy passageways and lots of huge heavy glass windows overlooking the valleys. Ideally there would be a one-way tint on the glass so it wouldn’t be immediately obvious there was something inside. Most of the living quarters would be near the top of the cliff, with storage and entrances further down. Winter quarters would be far enough in and down in the rock to keep the temperature constant. Water would be taken care of with natural springs (they do sometimes occur on hilltops) and large ponds used as rainwater holding systems on top of the mountain/hill.  Strategic solar panels would handle electricity, and I’m not sure about wifi but having the place at all means trying to figure out wifi for it would be a welcome problem to have.

So we signed the things and paid the fees and we own a trailer now.

So we went this evening to chat with the nice man we’re buying the trailer from, and he has all his ducks in a row and is set to be out on the 9th of August. So holy crap, that’s even earlier than his earliest reckoning, and it means we have about three and a half weeks to finish packing.  It sounds like a lot but in reality it’s going to be down to the wire. Still, exciting!

He’s also pressure-washed the whole outside, had an outside spigot installed, and is planning on steam-cleaning the carpets before he goes. He’s also leaving us a big roll of heavy plastic for winterizing the windows, caulk for the windows also, and enough skirting to replace the whole way around. He wanted to have the back door replaced and the deck stained, but he ran out of time- originally he wanted to be out by the end of September, so this had rolled all our plans forward a fair bit.

I’m going to need more boxes.