City 17 Blues

Sorry I haven’t been around much in the last few days; we’re moving in just over a week and that’s keeping us really busy.

Life In The Duamuteffe Household

Me: Is it time for more tea? By which I mean, would you go and make me more tea, please?

The Doc: Of course! I will always get you more tea.

Me: Aww, thank you.

The Doc: #cuddles up#

Me: …This is nice, but I can’t help but notice it isn’t making tea.

The Doc: I am waiting for the freak singular occurrence of the water boiling by itself.

Me: We may be here a while, then.

The Doc: True.

Me: Like, seventy years from now we’ll still be on this couch, still waiting. All shriveled and mummified.

The Doc: As long as I’m mummified with you.

Me: Aww, that’s…creepy, but also sweet.

The Doc: Well, we can be mummies together and go and bother people.

Me: Oh, that’s cool then.

The Doc: Along with Wolfmen and Draculas.

#A hooded figure attacks the hero in the show we’re watching#

The Doc: Ninja?

Me: I don’t think so.

The Doc: Some evil sect, then.

Me: Evil-

The Doc: I said sect.

Me: There’s not a lot of difference when you say it.

The Doc: Sex sect.

Me: Would that be a sext?

The Doc: A sex sect sext?

Me: Sect sexting?

The Doc: Sex secting?

Me: Sexting sex sect?

The Doc: Sexy sect. Sexting.

Me: What is wrong with us?

The Doc: This is normal!

Me: #laughing#

The Doc: We’re normal! This is what normal people do!

Watching old TV series and editing self-indulgent porn fic. This is how to relax.

So we volunteered to help put up hay since they’re down a couple of hands (the lady who runs the barn broke her wrist) and I an torn between being annoyed at how out of shape I’ve gotten lately and pleased that I still managed to work until dark despite said lack of exercise lately. The Doc did his normal job sitting on the picnic table by a pasture with his laptop until his workday was done, then joined us. Now we are very tired, unsurprisingly, and there’s more hay tomorrow, but it’s that time of year.

I Have Been Tagged

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I have been tagged by Razzy!

1. favorite vidya gayme?

This one took a while- there are so many games out there I love dearly, and some of them consistently invade my sleep (incidentally does that ever stop? Or am I going to dream about blocks intermittently forever…) but if you want to know the game I have spent the most time and money on over the year it would have to be Space Harrier. I own it on three different platforms, I keep an eye on Ebay and a couple of other places for a stand-up cabinet, and it’s probably best not to even contemplate how many quarters I have fed into it over the years.

2. favorite apocalypse scenario? robots, zombies, etc.

I like the shambling undead zombie scenario for sheer carnage factor and relative ease of survival; the original Terminator made it pretty clear that if we went up against robots we’d be left hanging on by fingernails, and all the natural disaster films and whatnot leave climates and land destruction behind that would be terribly hard to maintain sustainable food sources in. But zombies, you can have a plan for those that involves a good chance of survival if you have a good group with you and you’re all willing to cooperate, and you can eliminate them in various entertaining ways to pass the time. I can hunt and fish and farm and headshot through the apocalypse, no problem.

4. least favorite letter?

Just got one this week that told us our health insurance premiums were going up; that’s my current least favorite letter.

5. You are now in your favorite apocalypse scenario. 

Okey dokey. We call the packmates and tell them the shit has hit the fan, pack up the essentials in the car and head to the barn via back roads. The population density here isn’t high and everyone is armed so I don’t expect much difficulty on the way. We take a trailer and throw Fi and a pony friend in, along with a few bits and bobs for her comfort, then head to my grandparents’ place, also on back roads. Everyone meets us there. Fi and friend will be quite safe behind the old pool fence (it’s six and a half feet high and zombies never seem to bother animals anyway) and we’ll use the spare lumber to board up the windows on the newer house, then half of us will stay in the old Camp, half in the newer house. Although I don’t expect much in the way of mobs, given the low population density, we’ll run everything in pairs for safety, and hold the fort until nature, vultures, bacteria, and scavengers take their course. I give it six weeks before the apocalypse is over.

6. We are marooned on a small island, in an endless sea. Confined to a tiny spit of sand, unable to escape. But tonight, on this small planet — on Earth — we’re going to rock civilization.


7. Preferred weapon?

Depends what for! As far as ‘most coveted weapon in general’ it’s a toss-up between antique Jian-type swords and my grandfather’s .300 Wetherby Magnum.

8. Your hands are large meat forks.

Well shit. That’s going to make everything I had to do today very difficult.

9. List the detailed manufacturing process of your favorite electronic item. 

I would love to do that, but I have a lot of things to do today that are going to be made even more difficult because my hands are meat forks so I’m afraid I don’t have time.

10. Create a detailed, 5-point headcanon for your favorite character that nobody has ever thought of.

I have too many favorite characters. Randomly - Alexander Waverly. I firmly believe the reason he’s so snide with his agents is that he thinks they’re spoiled. Currently U.N.C.L.E. has enormous resources and global reach, headquarters in every major country and even some in minor ones, and all the technology anyone could wish for in 1964 (and then some!) I think he and the cool Indian director who covered for him during his surgery were in on the ground floor of the organization during WWI, and they were partners, working with almost no resources, support, or equipment and getting along on sheer tenacity and badassery. He clearly hates it when agents complain; I bet he had to do everything they did but with two dollars, a rubber band, and an empty bottle instead of space-age communicators and supercomputers and whatnot.  I think he wants to groom Napoleon for his position but believes he depends too much on tech and his partner and he’s going to hang in there another ten years before he retires to see if Napoleon’s going to develop the essential stand-alone skills and clarity of purpose. I think he also realizes that if he even hinted to Illya he was being considered for director he’s fully aware Illya would run like hell so he’ll just make him head of security when Napoleon moves up and that will be that. I also think he had the same thing going with Madame Olga during their active duty years that Napoleon has with Angelique, which is why he doesn’t bitch too much about Napoleon’s hobbies.

11. DId you even notice that i skipped the number 3?

I did! But you had mentioned that you don’t like the number three so it wasn’t too surprising.


1. What is the oddest (legit) potato chip flavor that you have ever seen?

2. Show us a picture of the strangest piece of furniture you’d like in your dream home.

3. What is the most boring color of paint for walls?

4. Tell us about the event that was highlight of your career as an octopus wrangler.

5. What is your favorite board game?

6. Which three superheros would you like to go bowling with and why?

7. Who is your favorite actor/actress that you also feel is underappreciated?

8. Tell us about a book you feel everyone should give a try!

9. What style of architecture, design, or dress do you think should come back in?

10. Favorite dinosaur?

11. You suddenly acquire a mild superpower. Choose one of the following: 1) the ability to create infinite amounts of any kind of cheese, 2) the ability to go barefoot and never step on anything painful, or 3) the ability to instantly become clean without need of a shower or bath. 

I tag: Kit, Oly, Kolly, Lacey, Corsetscars, Lucky, Razzy, USBdongle, CDD, Nini, Brett, and Soup.

Okay, here’s the promised puppy pic! Momma was off teaching a lesson so the pups are chilling by the back porch. He’s so tiny as compared to to his big brother :)

Okay, here’s the promised puppy pic! Momma was off teaching a lesson so the pups are chilling by the back porch. He’s so tiny as compared to to his big brother :)

I am slowly but surely getting stuff packed up and it’s starting to look rather odd in here.

Also the lady who runs the barn has a new puppy! He’s another St. Bernard, so I’m going to suggest she buy a sled and start them in harness training :)