City 17 Blues



Found from various places online:

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This is amazing. MUST READSS

Well, all our stuff is finally in here, we got our kitty, and I lost two days to anxiety and panic attacks from all the big life changes. But I appear to be on the upswing! There will be pics of Fred soon, once he slows down enough for us to snap some, and pics of the trailer once we’re got some of the stuff sorted and put away. It’s a sea of boxes and we have no idea where anything is and it still doesn’t smell or look like home yet, but we’re getting there.







*hugs* congratulations! I hope the excitement outweighs the nostalgia

Thank you! #hugs# I am sure it will soon - being absolutely exhausted has a lot to do with it, I think. We’ve been at this a week, with a trip to Cleveland yesterday thrown in (although that was absolutely necessary and did a lot for our morale, if not for our tiredness level :) and even though we had a lot of help we’re still just completely  done in.

I’ll get some more pictures for you guys soon; it’s just that right now if is absolutely swamped with boxes and the place looks appalling. :)

Okay, that’s it. The last load is out in the car, and we’ll bring it in tomorrow. We’re too tired to do it tonight. But we’re officially moved out of the old place and into the new.

It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate living somewhere for nearly thirteen years. And the Doc had six years there to accumulate stuff. The trailer is awash in a sea of boxes and bags. We’re going to get rid of a lot of stuff; it’s just that we had to move it first, I guess. And build bookshelves. Lots of bookshelves. That will solve a lot of space issues.

So, the longest phase of my adult life to date re: living arrangements is over, and a new one is beginning. Tomorrow we hand over the keys, but as of today we don’t live there any more. And it’s a good thing; I mean, we have our own place now that we own (even if we’re still renting the land it rests on) and it’s awesome.  We can do what we want with it, and the possibilities are endless. But the apartment was a good home for a long time, and it’s sad to think that it’s not home any more. Change is always challenging, even when it’s for the best.

Being exhausted doesn’t help either, I suppose. Off for tea and a film.

We are determined to get the move over tonight, but it is really kicking our asses. A couple more loads yet, and hauling out a huge amount of garbage and recyclables, and a bit of vacuuming and wiping surfaces and we can put paid to it.

It’s weird, though. The apartment is starting to smell like it did when I moved in, which kind of messes with me. And holy shit do we own a lot of stuff. A lot of it will be sold/donated/given away, but right now we have to move all of it first.

We need a different stove in the new place, too - it’s shot. We had to turn it off because the broken oven door arm meant the heat leaked up on the stovetop dials, cooking them and the rubber gaskets in them, causing them to leak gas slightly. Not ideal. Tuesday morning we’re out for a new (well, new to us anyway) stove. It would be tomorrow but we’re driving to my folks’ to get our new kitty. Pics of him will appear once he’s cleaned up enough to be presented to company :)

Okay dinner’s over, back at it. Burning daylight.

So we’ve been listening to the Fartbarf album pretty much nonstop since I bought it last night. It is super awesome. It is always super awesome that we’ll be seeing them live Saturday (providing we aren’t so tired we have to head home from DEVOtional early.)

doctor-lucky replied to your post “So we slept last night in the new place (after having to assemble our…”

You’re all moved in? :D

We’re getting there; we have food, clothes, and electronics, also gas, electric, and internet, but there’s still a lot of stuff that still needs moved. We’re getting some done tonight, and some done tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully that will wind it up. If not, we’re hoping to get the rest done on Sunday. Our landlords are great and don’t mind if we take more time clearing out of their apartment, but we’d like to get it over with. It’s pretty stressful not knowing which pile or box the thing you’re looking for is.

So we slept last night in the new place (after having to assemble our bed at ten at night) and now our spawn point is reset here. We’re split on what to do next; I want to start farming but the Doc thinks our zombie defenses need strengthening.